Free your MIDI tracks from EZKeys.

Upload a proprietary EZKeys MIDI pack such as 000851@SYNTH_POP and immediately receive It will contain all of the MIDI tracks you paid for, sorted into folders according to BPM, time signature and key.
No fees, no ads, no tracking. No catch.

Only EZKeys MIDI packs are supported. Content that ships with EZKeys is not supported at this time.

This shouldn't have been necessary.

You should not have to purchase a USD$179 VST to be able to access the MIDI content that you've paid for. EZDrummer and EZBass MIDI packs ship as a folder hierarchy; while they are a pain to navigate, you are free to use them with any instrument you choose.

Not so with EZKeys.

When you purchase an EZKeys MIDI pack, you are given a single file with a name like 000851@SYNTH_POP. This file is a proprietary format that can only be opened by EZKeys. It contains the content you paid for in a format that is impossible to use unless you buy EZKeys.

Many people have asked Toontrack to provide the MIDI files in a format that can be used with any instrument. Toontrack have refused without citing any technical reason, even though it's clear that many people cannot use the product that they just purchased. They don't even let EZKeys MIDI pack owners access the EZKeys support forum, unlocking a truly special level of assholery.

There used to be a trial version that you could install. That's been purged. Oh, and there's no refunds. What would be the point? They already have your money. Capitalism: successful!

So: fuck you, Toontrack. You make some great tools, but if you advertise a product as a "MIDI pack" then deliver a proprietary binary blob that is not actually MIDI, that is bullshit. It's false advertising, disrespectful to your customers, and an abuse of your position of relative power.

You can locate the EZKeys MIDI pack content that you've purchased in the following locations:

Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Toontrack\EZkeys\MIDI

Mac: /Library/Application Support/Toontrack/EZKeys/MIDI
or possibly /Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Toontrack/EZKeys/MIDI